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The cosmetics segment is one of the fastest growing markets in Brazil and in the world, offering a variety of niches for all types of public. Have your own business through products developed with your identity and focused on serving your target audience, making your brand recognized in the world market.

20 years of experience

With 20 years of experience in the cosmetic market, we have become specialists capable of producing or reproducing your product in an authentic way, personalized within a rigorous quality standard, meeting all the needs that your target audience demands.

High technology

Our structure has a laboratory with the latest technology, qualified professionals and the ability to manufacture from small projects to large production demands, making it possible to serve small, medium and large customers in Brazil and in the world with fair and competitive prices.

Full Service

We offer a full service, assisting our clients in all stages of a cosmetic development project: cosmetology, formulation, creation and marketing, management and market intelligence, regularization, logistics and export. We have a team of qualified professionals to meet all the needs of our customers with know-how and efficiency.

Variety and premium quality

We are the cosmetics outsourcing industry with the most complete product catalog in Brazil, serving all the niche in the cosmetic market with a basis, research and quality to always offer a Premium product.


Step by step of Project Development

Define your line

Choose which types of products you will work with. This is the first step in our work.

Develop your brand

Trace the concept behind your name! Count on all our market experience to help you in this mission.

Choose the assets

Technology enters the picture! Our professionals will work on your product formulas

Develop your packaging

Professionals from various areas come together to define the ideal packaging for their products.

Produce your product

See your line born! After a lot of work, it's time to reap the rewards and put your brand on the market.

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    Bring your project to life. Know our services and start a successfull partnership.

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      Bring your project to life. Know our services and start a successfull partnership.

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