Your dream
starts here.

We are expert in cosmetics development.

Your dream
starts here.

We are expert in cosmetics development.

Leave your project
in the hands of experts.

For 20 years Private has been developing the best beauty products for the cosmetics market. We research, create and develop your brand and products!

We are experts in advising you in an intelligent way, always bringing solutions and monitoring your performance.

We also have the international Cruelty Free label, that is: we don't test anything on animals!

Position your brand to the world with our help!

Cruelty Free

No artificial fragrances

No harsh chemicals

Researched and trusted

Define your line

Choose which types of products you will be working with. This is the first step in our work.

Develop your brand

Trace the concept behind your name! Count on all our market experience to help you in this mission.

Choose your assets

Technology comes on the scene! Our professionals will work on the formulas of your products.

Develop your packaging

Professionals from various fields come together to define the ideal packaging for your products.

Produce your product

Watch your new line be born! After a lot of work, it's time to reap the rewards and put your brand on the market.

Proven quality.

Carry out your project with quality and excellence within world standards.









Discover the

Vegan Lizz

hair line

Start your project now.

Your project has everything to get off the ground and Private has everything to make it happen.

Know our services and make an assertive partnership! Fill out the form and send us a message.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Because they are in constant contact with contaminated surfaces, hands must be properly cleaned to prevent transmission of viruses and bacteria to the environment and to other people, especially at a time like this in which we live.

In addition to being practical, gel alcohol is efficient when it comes to hygiene. Wash hands thoroughly with liquid soap and always sanitize hands with alcohol gel. And remember: it is necessary that the product concentration is 70%.

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