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Vegan Lizz

The Vegan Lizz line was developed to align the strands, eliminating frizz and hair volume, promoting the natural smooth appearance without damaging the hair fiber. It has a complete line of Antifrizz and maintenance for daily use.

The entire line has a formulation concentrated in natural components of vegetable raw materials and special oils that offer hydration, nutrition and hair reconstruction action, prolonging the effect obtained with Protein Antifrizz.

All Vegan Lizz products are free of formaldehyde, sulfate, parabens, petrolates. Products certified by ANVISA. Free of animal testing with international Cruelty Free certification.

    Preparatory shampoo that cleans deeply by removing the impurities accumulated in the hair without damaging the hair fiber. Professional use.
    It is an anti-volume treatment carefully developed to remove frizz and reduce hair volume, it has a formula rich in amino acids and vegetable proteins, such as SPECIAL OILS: OJON OIL, COCONUT OIL, MACADAMIA OIL, PROLISS, this mixture of assets provides, through applied technology, a fantastic result in anti-frizz treatment, suitable for all types of hair. Without formaldehyde. Professional use.
  • HOME CARE maintenance kit
    It is a shampoo for daily use that can be used on all types of hair; it is recommended for chemically treated, colored hair, locks, hair, etc. The main factor of this product is that it has no salt. without parabens, TOTALLY VEGAN. Its formulation allows a gentle cleaning without causing dryness, keeps the strands aligned, shiny and healthy.
    It is a conditioner for daily use that can be used on all types of hair, it is recommended for hair with chemical products, colored hair, straightened hair, etc. The main factor of this product is TOTALLY VEGAN. Its formulation allows conditioning and smoothness in the first application, besides providing a lot of shine and discipline to unruly hair.
    It is an instant action mask that nourishes and repairs hair by reconstructing and replacing the capillary mass, rich in natural actives, such as vegetable keratin and special oils: Ojon, Macadamia and Coco. Developed to treat dry and brittle hair, especially those that have gone through chemical processes, it provides intense shine and absolute softness.

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